Aww, I have been luck enough to recieve 2, count em, 2 Awards last week-the gorgeous Princess and the Pea x gave me the Versatile Blogger Award and the wonderful Sam from You Are Lovely  gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks lovelies! Check out their blogs too-they're both fantastic fashionistas who always look amazing and blog about interesting and fabulous things.

Right, so the rules are: 
I have to provide you with 7 facts about myself, so being as I have been given 2 awards I shall give you 14 facts...eeek...hope you're not too bored....

1. I love fashion (clearly!) and I would describe my style as eclectic with a big dose of vintage.
2. I live with my wonderful boyfriend Adrian, I love him more than words can say.  He is perfect and my bestest friend in the world (aww) as well as being an amazing, amazing illustrator.
3. I have 7 tattoos, I only like 2 of them though. Make sure you REALLY want a tattoo before you get one ladies!
4. I have recently discovered Yoga and I blimming love it. I do a little bit before bed and it really helps me sleep.
5. I am a tea addict and I drink cups and cups and cups a day!
6. I also collect vintage and retro teacups, I have loads of them. The most recent one I bought was a Jungle Book one from a charity shop for 50p.
7. I don't watch that much TV but I love 70's/80's/90's sitcoms like George and Mildred, Home to Roost, Only Fools and my very very fave, The Darling Buds of May.
8. My dream would be to blog for a living or open a Vintage Boutique with Adrian, we would sell vintage clothing (me) and records (him).
9. My music tastes change all the time but currently I have a lot of love for Neil Young (always) The Smiths (new discovery) and Spectres
10. I am always, always skint! Spend all my money on shoes....!
11. Charity Shop pillaging is one of my favourite ways to spend a day.
12. I love cheese. Yuuuuuum.
13. Blogging is amazing and I've met so many inspirational people through it!
14. Every single comment and follower makes me smile...thankyou all so much!

I now need to pass these awards on. So I am going to pass the Versatile Blogger Award to:

And the Kreative Blogger Award goes to:
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LittleRachael said...

Aww, thank you honey!! I'll check the other blogs out too! :-)

Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style
Little Rachael Style

Anna Katrina said...

congrats on the awards !! doesnt it just make your day so much better

stop by sometime<3

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