Rust Never Sleeps....

I think I might have mentioned my trip into the city the other day, where I had a little pillage in the (huge) local Primark? I left my snobbery (and my ability to navigate, apparently-the place really is massive) at the door and crossed the threshold into the abyss. It wasn't so bad-it was late morning on a Monday and so the adrenaline-junkied youngsters, high on weekend anticipation, weren't yet into desimating the carefully folded piles (WHY Primark? You are only making work for yourself!) of eye-wateringly neon, easily shrunken tee shirts in favour of school, college, uni, or some other form of weekday entertainment. So I had the place to myself apart from the odd young family or girl like me (out of school, day off work, etc.) It was quite plesant actually and I managed to find a few nice pieces in amongst the invariable tat that Primark shoppers seem to enjoy wading through. I'm being literal here-have you ever shopped in Primark on a Saturday? It is like code red for neatness, everything is all over the floor and the chance of finding what it is you're after is about as high as the chance you'll leave without tripping over something. I have only ever done ONE instant 360 degree 'enter and exit's' and it was at a Primark on a Saturday afternoon-I think I must have suffered a temporary insanity that was immediately remedied once I hit the wall of heat/rage/screaming children/frazzled employees that tumbled forth from behind those glass doors.
One such piece of non-tat was this chiffon shirt. Rusty orange, dipped at the back, little dart collar, mother of pearl buttons-a tenner all in. Me likey. It is the perfect piece to transition me from Spring into Summer...harems now, leather shorts and cut offs in June. I am being brave for the photo's and just wearing a black bra under it, ever since Stylist (my favourite new magazine) told me that 'edgy fashionistas' were doing this very thing, and of course, this being what I aspire to I thought I'd take literal references and have a go. It's a blimmin' sheer blouse though, so as not to scare the neighbours I shall be teaming it with a nude cami (another tip from Stylist-why thankyou) for everyday.
Earrings, Sunnies, Blouse: Primark Boots: Clarks Hand Harness: ASOS Waistcoat: Quiksilver Woman Trousers: Sainsburys

Apologies for my rangy topknot, my hair is so desperate for a cut but I just haven't got round to sorting that out, and what with the disaster that befell the last time I visited a salon, I am more than slightly nervous to go again but I am sure it will be fine. Hopefully I will try and get on it this week.
I picked up these sunnies in Primark too. Normally I buy a couple of cheap pairs to keep in my car/my bag etc, because I am so useless with sunnies and always lose them or sit on them, so be assured I probably won't have these next year! But I love the shape and the colour.

 The earrings were about 50p and a really easy way to update this look to a more tribal/African/navajo-boho feel. I can only wear them for about 20 mins though because they are heavy and hurt my ears!

Hope you have had a lovely day in the sunshine....xoxo
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