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So, we all know my current trouser obsession-which has spiralled wayyy out of control-has pretty much been hinged on these £9.99 H&M harems. Looking through the H&M magazine I am pleased to see that the tapered and harem shapes are still going to work for SS11-I love palazzo trousers and I think they look amazing on so many girls, in the blogosphere and in the street, but for me, I just can't seem to make them work, nor even seem to want to that much. I don't know whether this is because I am in a style rut or just because, after years of trying different styles, I know what suits my shape and I know what I like!

I'm loving this vintagey, tribal inspired look at the moment, I am finding these boots a linchpin to pretty much every look I am wearing. I also added a cuff and a really cute hinged beetle ring to give the look even more of an Egyptian-boho twist 

I bought this feathered headband in Primark but I've been wearing it as a necklace.

Jumper: Topshop Trousers: H&M Boots: Clarks Cuff: Boots Ring: ASOS Headband (worn as neecklace) Primark

I took Adrian to college yesterday and had a little wander around the local town. I don't go there often and so I thought it would be good to have a poke round some of the charity shops, which was definitely a good idea...I found some wicked pieces, including a very African-inspired tiger-print midi dress, a bag that looks like it's been made from a tapestry cushion, a jungle book teacup, and my favourite thing, a Jaeger denim shirt which cost just £3.50! I love charity shops in unchartered territories!

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the ineffable soul said...

i love the ring and although i don't 'do' tousers these are gorgeous!
just found your blog and i'll soon be following :) x

Alexandra said...

Love the aztec print!
Cant wait to see what you purchased : )

fashionismyh2o said...

Love those trousers on you, they really suit and that jacket = amazing :) xx

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