I'm going to ask you to excuse my poorly face in these pictures! I am so bunged up it's untrue. I hate having a cold it sucks!
However, I'd like to draw your attention to my new photos! Instead of my little panasonic point and shoot, these photos were taken with Adrians superswanky wear-round-your-neck massive-lensed camera, and what a difference it makes! Everything looks so much crisper and you can really see all the details, at least I think you can!
After getting inspired by my beautiful blogging friend Giselle from Style of a Fashionista, I thought I'd dig out my maxidress and wear that instead of an umpteenth pair of trousers! I love it actually, it's really easy to wear and so comfy.
I have teamed it with my Clarks Westhay boots which I am living in at the moment. For those who don't regularly read my blog, I bought these as I was desperate for a pair of Acne Pistol boots but the budget would not allow it, and these were about the closest I could find on the high street. They are super comfy though and I wear them so much it has justified their price!
I bought the bag charm tassle from H&M and it's just the thing to update my vintage Chanel. I also got the feathered headband from Primark but I am wearing it as a waist belt, so you can really see the feathers which I love. 
Maxi: New Look Bag: Vintage Jacket: Gap Cuff: Boots Watch & Rings: Vintage Feather Ring: ASOS Boots: Clarks
Oh, just to let you know as well I shall be listing more of my wardrobe on ASOS Marketplace this afternoon: I'll tweet when I've done so, so if you follow me on Twitter, keep your eyes peeled! If you don't follow but want to, click on the link on the side of my page!
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Paint it Black said...

Fabulous look love the boots how weird that your pictures arent showing saw your message on Facebook and clicked them. The pictures are gorgeous btw xoxo

amie k said...

Thanks hun think I have sorted it now (well Adrian did it for me haha) don't know what happened, think my computer was having a funny 5 mins haha!thanks for the lovely comment xx

Vix said...

Gorgeous new photos, loving the extra detail.Hope you feel loads better soon, you beautiful girl. xxx

LittleRachael said...

I've only just found your blog - I love the layout and design! Loving the bag and maxi!

Check out my new outfit post and handmade vintage style necklaces :-)

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