Devon Daffs....

When I went home for the weekend, mum gave me a big bunch of daffs from the garden which have bloomed in the last couple of days, they're so lovely. I love how bright and springlike they are, so pretty. This photo is also showcasing my new bag tail, replacing the brown one which has made a break for freedom (sob!)
I found this one in H&M and I popped into my local one today. I really want to get some feather-inspired jewellery and they had some lovely pieces in there but I have decided I want the Acne Pistol boots and I am gonna saaaaaave for them so, in turn, jewellery is out of the question unless I DIY it. Which I am going to try to do-again, will keep you posted as I am notoriously ham-fisted with DIY and I normally get there in the end but I am sure it'll be something to post about either way!

Do you ever get that when you re-find something, you can't stop wearing it? Case in point: These shoe boots. So chic and so much comfier than I thought they were when I wore them the first time!

Blouse: Topshop Cuff: Vintage Trousers: Gap Shoes: ASOS Pouch Bag: Vintage Hermes

Sitting on the sofa back! I'll fall off....!

So, this top is from Topshop years ago but I never wear it for fear of looking 'fancy dress.' However, with the neutral trousers and shoes I think it looks ok. I actually really like it on and I think I'll wear it a lot more. It's very 'statement' so I haven't worn much jewellery with it.

Being as it's Thursday, I popped into my local French Connection to pick up my new favourite magazine, Stylist. I feel a bit mean really because I always go in there, coo over the clothes, take my freebie and leave! When I have some money to spend I'll go back...they have some amazing footwear for SS11!

So this is my take on the nautical trend for today. Hello Sailor!

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Laura said...

cute sailor top :) x

Anonymous said...

That top is sooo cute!


Gabrielle said...

I love this top!
It is amazing

Mikaela said...

Oh daffs, love them! They are called 'narsissi' in Finnish :D And love your outfit!


Anonymous said...

YAY springsss coming! xx


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