Product Review: John Freida Precision Foam Colour

As most of you will know, I coloured my hair the other day. I had been mousey brown with blonde streaks through it, and I was quite tempted to go properly blonde-I've been thinking about doing that for months but obviously it's not something I can do myself. I've recently moved to a city with Adrian and whereas my friend at home used to cut and colour my hair, now I don't live near her I can't go to hers, clearly! I'm not sure where to go to get my hair done here as I am still working out the area that we're living in. So with all that in mind, I decided to colour all of my hair a base brown, because then I thought I could easily change it later if I wanted to.

I went for this shade-the lightest of the brunettes. 6G, Light Golden Brown. I'd never used a foam colour before, so I did a patch test the day before, which is a right faff but obviously important because of health and safety. So I just mixed a little of the colourant and developer fluid together and put a small patch on my arm.
48 hours later I was good to go! No reactions so I went about putting the colour on. It's really easy, you just mix the two liquids together, tilt (not shake) in the bottle 5 times, and then you just squeeze the centre of the bottle and a ball of foam comes out! It's quite funny because it doesn't look like the liquid would create a foam; but it does, and a large amount too!
You have to apply it to dry hair so it is quite easy to see if you have missed any areas. About halfway through I started to panic that I wouldn't have enough, but in the end I had plenty. The foam spreads through the hair really easily and it doesn't drip, which is a bonus!
The one thing that I found with this hair colour, like many others I expect, was the smell. It stunk and I mean, it was eye-wateringly bad. I actually had to come out of the bathroom to get some air, it was that bad. Rinsing it out was joyous and the colour came up a LOT darker than I had thought it would, and a LOT redder than I thought it would as well. I don't know whether this was due to the blonde in my hair, or whether I thought my hair was lighter than it actually was, but it seems to have settled down after a couple of washes, though I certainly wouldn't call it light brown!
So: Pro's and Con's:
On the plus side:
  • easy to apply
  • doesn't drip
  • you get a lot in the package, easily enough for long and/or thick hair
  • you get a conditioner in the pack but instead of a sachet that you have to use all at once, you actually get a little tube that has about 3-4 applications in it so you can keep that to use for future washes.
And on the not so plus side...
  • It STINKS!!
  • It's on the expensive side of home colourants, costing round £11
  • The colour didn't come out like it showed on the package-but that might just be me!
But overall-it's a very good colourant and very easy to use, and I'd use it again-how about you guys? Do you do your own colour? and what brands/products do you use?
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Sparkle&Grey said...

I reviewed this too, wasn't that impressed to say its quite expensive! Great blog by the way, going to Follow :-)

Unknown said...

Is that picture at the top of the page you after you colored your hair?

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