A blast from the past...

Right then. Skirts over trousers...hands up who's guilty? The last time I attempted a look like this was probably in about 1996. And even then, I tired of it after about an hour. Kinda pointless, no? Anyway, I bought this dress to wear as work uniform, and I am excited to wear it with bare legs come summer, but til then, I am multitasking it as a 'tunic' sweat over trousers. I had to hitch it up quite high to avoid too much 'skirtiness' going on but I think with these skinny green pants, it looks ok. I tried wearing the dress as a dress, but black tights just deadened it and it's way to cold/I am way too pale to go down the bare legs/natural tights route.

I can't remember if I told you about the vintage jumble sale that Adrian and I went to a couple of Sundays ago? It was super fun, and more to the point, super cheap, and as I have been completely credit crunched this month, it was much needed. Anyway, amongst the other things I managed to pick up, I found these shoes which were only £4! Yes, loving it, well, I was until, after a strut round the living room, the heel tip disintegrated (vintage shoes always do this to me!) and I had to fork out £8.99 to have them replaced. But I think it was worth it-I love them, they are gorgeous and so soft :)

My coat is also vintage and it cost me a fiver. It is like a cocoon/cape hybrid, and It is very warm which, again-needed!

See, here it is masquerading as a cape.

Coat, Shoes, Cuff, Necklace, Bangle, Rings: Vintage Dress, Cigarette Pants: Gap

I went for a silvery/grey theme on my jewellery today which is unlike me as I almost always wear gold. But I liked how the silver looked against the grey and green combo. The shoes provide a touch of cream to the look which I think lifts it a little bit. What do you think?
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daisychain said...

I remember that skirts over trousers were banned from my school haha. They didn't comply with uniform regulations! I was so guilty.

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