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Here are a few more snaps from my couple of week's hiatus. Our flat has a huge double wardrobe built in which is obviously great for me (!) but I still haven't got enough room for all my clothes...my running rail keeps threatening to collapse until Age came to the rescue with a heavy suitcase to stop it toppling over.....I suppose I could just stop buying clohes, but that would be too easy....(not!)

Above: Peg Trousers: Gap, Shoes: TK Maxx, Tee: Quiksilver, Cardigan: Vintage.

Faux fur shouldered Jumper: Next Harems: Warehouse Clogs: Topshop.

I am trying to wear more colour, and also more dresses, but it appears I am failing on both counts. I need to up the ante though as this season is all about colour blocking, and I don't want to completely break my New Years Resolutions!

I also wanted to share this with you that came through with something Adrian bought me from the Topshop website. It's a cute little lookbook/poster from Topshop's upcoming season and it came with loads of little blurb stickers that you could place on the poster to make it a little more personal. It was hard to photograph, so sorry about that! I thought it was a good idea though, and a definite source of inspiration.
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Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

wow... girl! you take care of your clothes! :} i like! i noticed that everyone either has dark colored clothes or whites... hahaha. just likes yours! maybe it's a fad..

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