BACK! With lotsa layers.....

So, we have internet! Yay! Sorry this is a little bit of a tame outfit post, I'll be back on it properly ASAP!
But for now, a catch up! I am living with Adrian in the city, whoop! I am loving it, living with him is amazing and we're having so much fun in our little home. I am also doing lots of exploring and finding out loads of cool stuff, we went to an awesome vintage jumble sale on Sunday which I will tell you all about soon.

Trousers, Blouse, Jumper: Gap Shoes: Calvin Klein Jewellery: Vintage

In the move, I seem to have misplaced my tripod, eek! I apologise for these rubbish pics but I will hopefully find it soon.
I am so pleased to be back blogging, I am loving it! I have lots of ideas on how I am going to develop my blog this year so keep your eyes peeled!
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Alexandra said...

We have missed you Amie!!
So glad your back and in your new place

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