Hello everyone! Just wanted to say a big welcome to my new followers, I am really hoping to hit the 200 mark soon so thankyou all so much for following and commenting and I am glad you enjoy looking at my pictures and reading what I have to say!

In case you were wondering what the little pink hearts were by my images-they are links to the site Hypeed. It is a wonderful 'online magazine' site where you can submit your looks for consideration and judgement, and keep up an online inspiration book, that you can add any images you like too by clicking the pink heart next to that image. So say you wanted to put an image of mine into your inspiration book, you would just click the heart and it would appear in your profile! It's such a good idea to share outfits and looks, and it's so easy. You can find out more and sign up here.

I currently have entry images in two sections, 'Nerdy Glasses' and 'Plaid Shirts' which you can look at and vote/comment if you so wish by clicking here or here. And get involved yourself! You can get badges for your blog, as well as building up a decent online lookbook/inspiration board.

Definitely a site to visit! Have any of you guys found any fashion-blogger-friendly sites you want to share?!

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