Snowwww Business...

We have had so much snow here over the last couple of days, I have managed to get to work so far every day except Saturday but we have been finishing early due to the snow and icy conditions, and driving in it is horrendous! This is my little car on Saturday morning (above) it was covered in a good few inches of snow and it took me ages to defrost it! I began the journey to work but even the main roads were so treacherous I had to turn back, driving in that amount of snow was scary!

Since there is no outfit post today I thought I'd share some of my snow pics with you. They aren't that great as I took them with my phone camera! But you get the idea! The tree above looked so beautiful, I took this picture at about 7.15am which is why it is still dark.

This was Sunday, the sun came out and everything looked blue, it was amazing. Flipping freezing mind you!

My Pied a Terre's haven't left my feet. They've been amazing, and kept me from slipping over despite their leather soles!

Brrr! SO cold and frosty!

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