Snow Day...

Yesterday, as I'm sure the rest of the UK will attest, was a proper snow day. I was meant to work at 8.30, but I woke up at about 6 and looked out the window to see a blanket of snow everywhere! I was at Adrians and so I thought that it would be easy to get onto the main road (he doesn't live in a rural location like I do!) but it took me about 15 minutes to walk to wear I had parked my car, it usually takes me about 5! Then I spent a further 20 minutes defrosting my car, and edging it out of the car park to the main road, which was no better than the side roads! I ended up going around the block and coming back, at which point I was a bit shaken since my car had been sliding all over the place, and so I gave up the mission to get to work. I wasn't the only one-our store didn't even open as it was so bad down here, hardly anyone could get out! Today was slightly better, but still slippy! 
So after I arrived back in the warmth of Adrians flat, I had a whole day to waste on my own because he had to work, and since he works 2 doors down from where he lives, he hasn't got any excuse! I mainly relaxed and did some cleaning, then watched telly, bliss! I would have liked to go and play in the snow, but it is now fun on your own.

I wore a lot of different colours yesterday, including (shock horror!) black and brown. I know you're not supposed to wear them together, but I like how they look dammit! So I do, rightly or wrongly!

Cardigan, Blouse, Skinny Trousers: Gap Scarf: Vintage Burberry Bag: Vintage Gucci Turban: Primark

There's nothing nicer than chilling on the sofa. Always better with two though!

I have finally managed to get my paws on a pair of riding boots! They are amazing and I love them, they're so comfortable and also super stylish! They are from Pied a Terre and you can buy them here.

This faux fur turban is so cute and it keeps my ears warm, yay!

I love this bag, the print is so OTT but thats what I like about it! 

These are my boots. I couldn't have chosen anything better for this weather! The studding adds a point of difference and the leather is really soft. They are perfect! I never wear flats really, but these are the best flat boots I've ever had!
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Paint it Black said...

Sounds like the perfect lazy day after the scare of driving in the snow. Gorgeous outfit and that bag is pretty spectacular and I am loving those boots xoxo

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