Well, that was messy...

Hola! And once again I am starting a post with an apology for my previous lack of posts-it's not intentional, and I did go through a phase of being super on it with my blog and updating everyday, but I think sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day, for me at least-so apologies (again!)

So last night I went to watch the boy play a gig with his band Spectres-you can follow their blog here and check them out, they're so good and as of yesterday you can have a little listen to them on Spotify if you have it, which is a good way to see what you make of their music. It's quite hard to describe but I love it (and not just because my boy's in the band.) They were supported by another epic band called Ono Palindromes who are also well worth checking out, they're also amazing and go completely loopy on stage, though the venue last night looked like someones front room with the sofa moved out the way, there was no actual 'stage' to be seen but it was still epic.

So after that both bands went out on the town with a couple of other friends and basically it ended up being me and loads of boys which was superfun but of course they all bought me drinks so I got a little bit worse for wear. Well I'll be honest, it was complete carnage, what with me and the boy performing an epic wipeout on the way home (after an incredibly heartfelt karaoke rendition of 'Living on a Prayer') then tumbling through the front door with gusto and ending up on the kitchen floor where I berated the boy's flatmate on the state of it and then proceeded to vomit in the sink. I am such a liability on a night out! Lucky for me I was well looked after, but let's just say today has been a total fail! Actually it has been really lovely because although both myself and the boy felt tres peaky, we spent the whole day together which we haven't done in the longest time, which was absolutely lovely.

So now I am posting via the boy's mac (since I've left my netbook someplace) and just about getting to grips with how different it is to a PC, but I think I quite like it. Also the consequence of my partying last night has meant that I missed the opening of the Outnet's Friends and Family Flash Sale-did anyone else grab a bargain from it? I've just had a quick look on the site now but there isn't much left to choose from-the perils of an alcohol fuelled late night eh!

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Anonymous said...

The bit about falling in the door and proceeding to vomit in the sink actually made me laugh out loud! You have to love those messy nights :) x

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