Jump, For My Love....

Hello! And sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week-it's been all work, work, work, which, while necessary, doesn't make for a whole lot of interesting snaps. Oh well! And last night's excuse was that I was out celebrating the marriage of two of my very good friends, Ruth and Andrew. Here's Ruth looking stunning in her wedding dress :)

Last night was one of those events that I really didn't know how to dress for. It was a party in a posh hotel and I would normally wear a dress for such a thing, but the 'do wasn't until the evening and every 'evening' dress I had felt too dressy/or I had recently worn it, and so didn't want to wear it again.

Then I remembered I had this stunning silk jumpsuit which I had never worn (shameful-it still had the lables on!) So I thought I'd give it a whirl. I bought it a few years ago when jumpsuits were having a moment but never wore it as it is more an evening piece, because it's silk. The back is lovely too it has an exposed zip running all the way down it. The only minor point of negativity was that it was a bit small, especially on the legs and round my bum, so I wore this longer length blazer to cover that up!

Blazer: River Island Jumpsuit: Topshop Portfolio Clutch: Vintage Dior Shoes: Staccato Watch & Jewellery: Vintage

My shoes are such a cliche but I love them and I had been at work on my feet all day so I needed something comfortable. I tried on a higher pair and then had to take them off straight away. I was chatting to my friend Laura at the party (looking immaculate in a powder blue vintage frock) and we were both atoning the benefits of a comfortable shoe-she was wearing a pair of ancient Primark numbers which she maintains are her most comfortable and indestructable shoes ever. My staccato numbers are quickly achieving that status for me-despite the fact that they are knackered and starting to look less than their best now. They still have them in the shop and I am so tempted to buy another pair, plus they also come in black and I'd like a black pair too. I can't help it-I am getting older and uncomfortable shoes make me cranky.

The jewellery I am wearing are all my usual suspects except the necklace which has horsebits on it. I bought it in a charity shop for about £1 I think and it's always reminded me of Gucci. I think it might even be gold plated because it's never turned my neck green either!

My bag has it's own tale to tell-I found it in a closing-down charity shop about 3 years ago. At the time I was newly single and I really hated it, not because I missed my ex (I didn't!) but because I was really lonely since all my friends were coupled up and spent most of their free time with their partners. So I used to spend my days off work trawling charity shops for something to do! Anyway, I went into this one and because it was shutting down, everything was about 10p-it was nuts. There was a right free for all and I managed to nab some nice vintage pieces of clothing and then I found a Dior Parfums purse (you know, the kind they give away with perfumes) but it was only a few pence so I thought I'd get it anyway. I dug through to the back of this stack of manky old handbags and saw the corner of what looked like a monogrammed Dior poking out. I yoinked it free and sure enough, there it was in all its glory-amazing. I ended up getting about a binbag's worth of stuff for £6 which I was so happy about, it cheered me up a lot. So everytime I use this bag I remember how good it made me feel to find it, and that makes me smile. Little did I know that about 18 months later I would meet the love of my life, and about a year or so after that, he would move into the very street that the charity shop that I found my best bit of booty used to be on. Wierd huh!
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Paint it Black said...

Wow hun gorgeous outfit and such a great pick for that occasion and of course I am loving that blazer xoxo

Alexandra said...

You look lovely!
And i really love the story behind your stuff!
Im going to enter your giveaway

Anonymous said...

This blazer is awesome. Love it!

Kelly said...

I absolutely adore that jumpsuit.
And the blazer is a nice touch! You have an eye, my dear :)

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