Chunky Knits...

I love a nice bit of knitwear. Now that the clocks have changed it is certainly feeling more wintery-I had the day off today so was able to take some photo's outside, but as of now I shall have to take them inside when I am at work because I'm not going to get the lighting before/after work, boo!

This cardigan is actually work uniform but I really love it so I am mixing it with my 'day off' wardrobe. I am really rinsing my wardrobe at the moment and have chucked, charity-shopped and ebay-ed about a third of it. I am so bored of all my clothes and my taste has changed a lot, I kept finding things hanging in the wardrobe that I would pull out and go, what!? like in Sex and the City where Carrie finds a heinous Laura Ashley dress circa about 1982, and wonders how the hell it can still have been in there.

I'm doing that thing again where I have found something I haven't worn in ages, and am wearing them constantly-case in point, these zip front suede shoe boots. I bought them from ASOS but they are truly a half-a-day shoe, I can only manage about 4 hours in them before I have to take them off-they really hurt my arches, which is a gutter cos they're so pretty. I haven't worn these Zara trousers for ages either and I love them-though I did spill my cup of tea down them earlier (well done!) but they seem to be ok!

Cardigan: Gap Blouse: Vintage Black Top: Paul & Joe Sister Chino's: Zara Boots: ASOS

I am also embracing my now mid-length hair and playing around with styles that I couldn't do when it was long. My hair is very thick and heavy so I can pin it into a kicky bob now, but in about a month it will be too long and will just slip out, so I thought I'd give it a whirl, inspired by a story in the latest ASOS magazine. I have been wearing it curly a lot to hide my layers as they grow out but it's nice to wear it straight now and again. I haven't straightened it here as you can see it isn't perfect but I did blow dry it that way.

I am planning to launch the first She Wore What?! giveaway tomorrow! I have been meaning to do one for ages but wanted to find the perfect prize and now I have. I can't wait to share it with you guys! It's my way of saying THANKYOU for all the lovely following and comments. All will be revealed tomorrow.
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