More Clogs, & Return of the Harem....

The arrival of my coat heralded a flurry of new outfit inspiration. I absolutely adore navy blue (must be the Virgo) and so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pare the stone colour of my coat with some nude tones and a touch of navy blue...perfection.
I used a fake braid in my hair as well as a real one. I don't usually like pulling all my hair back off my face but sometimes I do it, if it's cracking me up which it was today!
You may be wondering about the sudden surge of posts today, well I have been meaning to catch up on the backlog of outfit posts for ages, plus I have to go away for work tomorrow so undeniably there will be no post. So I am leaving you plenty to feast your eyes on in the interim! Tuesday's service will resume normality once more.

Clogs: Zara Harems: Topshop Vest: Gap Coat: ASOS WHITE
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Paint it Black said...

Wow you got the coat it is amazing and it looks gorgeous on you. I saw the post you did about how it arrived not very impressed either. Well worth the money you are going to get so much wear from it enjoy xoxo

Wardrobe Wars said...

Fabulous coat - you will get so much wear out of it. We are forming outfits in our head around it since we saw it in your last post! Great buy - well wear!
Greetings from Ireland
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