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It's funny to think that this month it is 2 years since I got my degree. I studied with the Open University for 6 years and eventually the hard work paid off and I passed with a 2:1, I got a BSc (hons) in Social Science with Politics. I loved doing my degree even though it was super tough and took up all my spare time, because I worked full time through 5 of the 6 years I did it, and for 2 of them I managed a shop. I sometimes wonder how I did it!
I never got around to sorting out a Graduation Ceremony though, which I sort of regret now as I feel it would have been a nice way to close all the hard years of study. Nonetheless, the Boy is graduating next weekend and I spent rather a long time (probably too long!) deciding what I'd wear to the ceremony.
I know they're quite smart affairs, so I thought it would be nice to wear a dress of some kind. I just so happened to find that knife-pleated cross fronted vintage one in the charity shop the other week, and so I have done an outfit based on how I thought I could style it for the graduation. Of course my ASOS WHITE coat had to feature-the irony of the £1 dress paired with the £290 (!) coat is not lost on me.
Coat: ASOS WHITE, Dress: Vintage, Shoes: Staccato, Belt: Vintage

These shoes have been worn so much since I bought them-they really do go with everything.

I think the same will be true of this jacket-I can see myself wearing it forever. I got a bit hot in it yesterday in Birmingham but it was perfect for the train home, lovely and warm.

Tee hee! Some of my pictures are just so incredibly cheesy!!

I love everything about this dress-the fit, the print and the length. It was a fab find!
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fashionismyh2o said...

Such a great outfit :) love the coat and its cute that they have such contrasting prices haha xx

Paint it Black said...

This outfit will be perfect and you must be so pleased with your jacket it is absolutley stunning.
I think I am the only fashion blogger in the world who cant thift I went into a few chrity shops today and it was full of size 20+ scary stuff lol. That dress is stunning xoxo

Alison said...

Gorgeous dress, loving the coat! Also, the background and banner for your blog are adorable! Lovely blog :)

<3 Alison

BrooklynBlonde said...

I love your coat!!

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