A Fierce Shoe...

I love the effect a good shoe can have on your outfit. I am dressed quite casually today-I haven't got much on so am just slouching about the house...but a decent shoe can really lift a look.

These ones are from French Connection, and have sunk into my bed so you can't really see them! But they're very chunky Gladiator type heels with wooden soles, they're really high and I bought them in the sales at the beginning of summer. They were reduced from £110 to £27, which is the sort of bargain I like :D
They're very comfortable to boot. I am going to start wearing them to work with chunky socks a la Burberry I think.

I painted one wall of my bedroom red, which at the time I really liked, and now it feels a bit opressive, to quote Mr Big from Sex and the City, it is a bit like 'living in communist China.' I never EVER wear red, I don't think it suits me, I have a bright red Chanel tee shirt that I adore but have worn only once, since I don't like the colour. Am wondering whether I could dye it black? Or do you think this would ruin it? Advice please!

Knit: Sainsburys Navy Tee: H&M Glasses:Vintage Trousers:Topshop Shoes:French Connection Belt: Vintage Dior

I do love my bed. When I moved out I treated myself to a new bed, since I'd been sleeping on matresses for about 5 years previously due to a lack of space. It is soooo comfortable and sooooo big!!

I am planning a Blogger's day out at the moment as well with my dear friend Laura from Little-Love-Letters. It should be really fun, we're going to go to the City and spend a day thrifting and bargain shopping, lunching and sightseeing and quite frankly I can't wait! Don't worry, you guys can all join in too because I will be sure to post about it!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend
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Rebecca said...

Amazing bargain! I love your jumper the whole outfits lovely :)And have a good day out with Laura ♥


Abbey said...

You're right, shoes can have a massive impact on an outfit. I love your shoes here, they really make the look for me!


Anonymous said...

Such a good bargain on the shoes - I always find French Connection do good sales! x

Laura Rowe said...

Hurrah! Much Excitement! we might have to look in Topshop and Zara too....Shhhh don't tell anyone. xx p.s Great shoes as always!

Waveney said...

Love the cable knit - can't believe it's Sainsburys, what a barg!

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