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I promised I would write a web review of the Zara websit last week, after I had successfully placed an order and it had arrived-eagle eyed followers of my blog will have seen the results already, here.

I found the website a lot like Zara stores: Slick, current, and a little intimidating. I have heard a few negative reports regarding the atmosphere and ambience of Zara stores, especially in the UK, which, whilst I'm sure not everyone will agree with or have even come across, I myself can sympathise with these-messy shops, confusing pricing, and most maddening of all, bad customer service. This is a great shame because for the most part, I find Zara to be everything I wish for in a high street store-reasonably priced product which is usually on the forefront of trend.

So, bypassing this for a minute (how does everyone else feel about Zara's customer service skills?) I felt that the website would be a good way around having to deal with stroppy shop assistants but still being able to get my paws on the merch. I eagerly logged on and began browsing.

I like the layout of the website, generally speaking-it is easy to navigate and the sections are clearly mapped out to shop. There was no fighting my way through a scrum of people and clothing, or struggling to find my size. So far, so good! The 'New This Week' section details the new drops of product which are grouped together and (obviously) seasonally relevant-well, I say obviously, but you'd be surprised at what other websites proffer on their 'New In' section. I've already clocked a gorgeous camel coat, 2 pairs of trousers, a pretty knit, and a cape, amongst other things.

The only downside that I have found so far is that, unlike other online websites that sell fast fashion product, say, Topshop for example, Zara outfit-build product using other items they sell on site. So far, so savvy...I mean, you're likely to buy the trousers that go with the top, right? Well, yes if you're me. However, there are no 'quick links' to the product that the one you're looking at is styled with, so you have to physically search it out over the site. No problemo if you're a online super sleuth like me, but, if you're in a hurry, Zara, you're going to lose sales. A simple link with, 'worn with such and such, click here' would be all it needed. Perhaps that is harder to do than it seems!

Anyway, onto the money shot. I found my perfect winter midi-dress, found my size (again, another point of contention, the dress was available only in S, M, or L. What? I guessed I was a S, apparently this is correct. Come on, Z, pick up your sizing structure please!) Once my size was selected, I added to my bag and proceeded to the checkout. A few quick deets filled out, and hey presto! My purchase was confirmed.

Then the interesting bits started to happen. I was pinged an email almost immediately thanking me for my purchase (not unusual) and then recieved one a couple of days later saying the items had been dispatched. I was excited to recieve not one, but TWO text messages from Zara, one saying the date my parcel was due to arrive, and another on the actual day of delivery with an estimated arrival time. Very efficient-and should be, really, for £3.95.
But the piece de resistance.....was this....

I know, I'm a sucker for a decent bit of packaging. but I always think it makes such a nice touch, to know that your product has been carefully packed and not just stuffed into a dirty great delivery bag.

My lovely dress, all packed up prettily. Zara, you can have a A+ for delivery time, packaging and fashion forwardness. Plus you can have an A for the website, I'm sure all the little teething problems will be ironed out in time. Go forth and shop!

Let me know if you buy anything!
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Lina said...

Wow, the packaging is gorgeous! I've never in my life bought anything from Zara, possibly because the shop exterior (or do I mean interior?) is not very enticing (not a fan of minimalism in shops, I prefer huge jumble sale-esque second hand shops) and wasn't sure about their sizing. But this packagine and web customer service is brilliant, I love the texts that tell you approximately when your package will arrive, saves you wasting an entire morning waiting for it. Am off to check the site out now! Btw, would I fit in a small or would it be too big?? xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooo I'm a total sucker for packaging too! I really like their website, but am yet to order anything from it so thanks for this! x

Waveney said...

OOoo what lovely packaging!! I was hoping they might do something like that. i feel more inclined to order now! as for customer service, yes its bloody awful, and i worked there for 2 and a half years so i should know! working in that place made me a horrible, tired (as a VM i started at 6am!) and moody person. so glad i left. however they're clothes almost ALMOST make up for these short falls! xx

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