3 Colours of Leather....

So, from someone who never ever wears skinny jeans, I've now worn 2 pairs in 2 days-some going, right?! I'm still not sure if I like them on me yet...feels weird after wearing relaxed trousers for so long...and I feel like such a scruff in denim. Am I an oddity!?
I do like the cut and wash of this pair though. And the fit is very flattering. They are Gap's classic Premium Skinny which comes in a massive range of washes but I picked aged blue rinse as it is probably the most basic and plain, I don't really like these jeans with all the bells and whistles on! I like the 3 shades of leather I managed to work into the look-beige, tan and black! Will you be wearing a lot of leather this season? I want to say I liked Isabel Marant's red skinny biker trousers, but I'll be honest-they scared me!

I had a bit of a mixed day today. I started the morning off well, I had a little treat of a chocolate twist for breakfast, YUM! I am normally quite frugal and never buy breakfast/takeaway hot drinks, etc...they just end up being so expensive! But now and again its nice to have a treat. And I was feeling a little sad as the Boy is off to Europe for a week with 3 of his boy chums, which will be super nice for them, but I will miss him a lot! So yes, you could say a chocolate twist was in order.

Jeans, Blouse: Gap Jacket: Topshop Scarf: Primark Shoes, Belt: Vintage Jewellery: Vintage
I am wearing a scarf again too! The weather has got noticeably cooler the past few days. I did 'bare legs and boots' on Saturday, and I think that might be the last time this year-at least, not with ankle socks. Brrr!
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Sarah said...

I love this leather look. Great shoes and a great jacket!


Anonymous said...

u look cute :)


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