Grazia Challenge!

I don't know whether you guys have read this week's Grazia magazine, but there is a really interesting article about a girl who challenges herself to wear six pieces from her wardrobe for one month. Shoes and accessories aren't included, so she could style the looks differently, but the capsule six pieces were the only items she could wear clothing-wise.

She picked a vintage vest top, vintage dress, sweater dress, silk blouse, vintage skirt, and skinny jeans.

I for one would love to do this challenge, but think I would fail immediately because I would have to only use work uniform, which would get boring after a while. But in the spirit of the article I decided I would at least try and create an edit of the pieces I would use, say, for example, I had a month off work!

So here they are:

My items are- Gap grey silk bird print dress-this dress is sooo pretty and I could wear it smartly with pretty shoes and tights, and selected accessories, or, in my own way (more likely!) with the leather jacket chucked over, bare legs and boots, and a chunky scarf. This is available to buy at Gap Online, it is absolutely beautiful, it has pockets as well that you can't really see!
-Vintage leather jacket-perfect for the changeable seasons and weather, and I love the shape of this, tuck the sleeves in to the pockets and it can be worn as a cape. It works hard for it's fashion-money!
-Reiss vest-this is my renegade item which I think I would probably end up swapping out for a knit, but as I was making my edit I realised I was very bottom-heavy, so I grabbed this one to even out the top-to-bottom ratio. I'm now unsure-if I was actually going to do this challenge I think I would re think this piece! I do love it though :) available at Reiss now.
-Gap black pants (so much for limiting my work clothes, haha!) as most of my followers will know, I am totally a tailored trouser girl. All summer long I wore slacks, chinos and harems-I had a little obsession thing for harems, but now we are into autumn I long for something a little smarter. These Gap wool blend trousers are part of the 'black pant' collection Gap have done recently,and they are possibly the most beautifully fitting trousers I've ever owned...pegged shape, hit me just on the ankle bone and are simply stunning on. Love!
-Whistles tee which is absolutely ancient and could do with replacing, but I haven't been able to find one as perfect since....the dolman shape and sloped shoulders, along with tiny little quirks like the twisted seams, make this the tee of the moment for me, and an absolute essential for a six piece capsule wardrobe!
-Finally, another wildcard-these blush coloured Whistles harem shorts. (I had to get a harem of sorts in there, didn't I!) Again, not the most practical choice, but with a sock and a boot, these could go from day to night. I'd probably pair them with my leopard loafers and a cute little sock in the day and then some killer heels for the evening.

So, thats that! What do you guys reckon to the challenge? Could you do it? I really don't think I could, despite having a clear idea of outfits I could construct over the time period with the pieces I've chosen, I don't know if I could bare to go a month just rotating six pieces of clothing! Also, I've just realised my first major blunder-the dress and shorts are hand wash, and the leather jacket and Gap trews are both dry clean would be an expensive month! 

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fashionismyh2o said...

I read that I always wish I could cut my wardrobe down and work on a capsule basis but ... ;p never gonna happen haha. I love love love that dress it's beautiful. The rest of your choices are great too and look like they'd all work. I might try this myself on my blog soon but i'm so indecisive im sure it'll take me a year to decide!

Anonymous said...

I saw this in Grazia too n thought about it but I don't think I could do it either with just 6 items! Love your Gap trousers btw x

Paint it Black said...

I could never do this either but if you think about it hun we kind of do it five days a week with our work uniform making key pieces look different everyday. Fabulous choices and I have fallen in love with that Gap silk dress xoxo

Waveney said...

yes i just read this on my lunch today! there is no way i could do this challenge, especially not at work! i thought her idea of 10 pieces was a bit more realistic. can't believe she even went on holiday on her 6! was thinking about trying it with 10, but thinking at beginning of a season not the best time as i just wanna buy everything!!

Rebecca said...

I love these pieces, cant pick a favourite they're just great! x

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