Necessary Expenditure...

Top: ASOS Sweeney
Bottom: ASOS Ava
It's funny, I haven't really bought shoes for ages, and then I go and buy loads at once. I am like the footwear equivalent of waiting for a bus!
I have now (I think) sorted all my winter footwear out. I have a pair of wedges, a pair of courts, pointy flats, faux-fur lined riding boots, peep toe boots, and now to add to the collection, I have a shoe boot in a neutral shade (Sweeney from ASOS, still available and only £12 in the sale-proper suede and everything [I only buy suede/leather shoes!] It would be rude not to!) and a wedge boot in grey (will go with everything) also from ASOS-style name Ava, cost £60 but I had a £20 voucher. I still have my Topshop vouchers to spend too, which I am torn between using to buy a cape or Cloots (clog boots) but I think I'll probably go for the latter-what can I say, I'm a shoe addict!
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Alexandra said...

I love the title of this blog post haha

Life At Victoria House said...

Buy a cape!! They are so cute :) I will be jealous if you do!! :)
Gorgeous shoes too, i wish i had the money for pretty shoes :)

Waveney said...

Love the Avas, I'll be looking on ASOS for those later!
Waveney xxx

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