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It's a given that every girl loves shoes. Despite protestations, and the fact that apparently you can be only in one camp of the other regardez shoes or handbags (why can't you be both!?) Show me a girl who doesn't appreciate a good shoe and I'll show you a big fibber. And what could make the shoe-shakes even more severe than when the aforementioned shoes arrive looking as enticing as this?!
Yes, the parcel above was a recent purchase of mine from, which you can check out for yourself here. I managed to bag the last pair of 60% discounted Steve Madden platform pumps, and you'll have to keep reading to see a picture of them...
This got me to thinking about shoes in general...I am loving the resurgence of the 'classics' as seen on the catwalks for AW10, rather than the 'statement shoe' of seasons past, designers are leaning towards simpler pieces that complement the clothes they show without overshadowing them. In this mind, the Steve Madden's were an immediate winner-as you'll see.....
I've also been harping on about All Saints a lot recently, I love the brand and it's so 'me' in many ways...not 'gothic', mind, not that there's anything wrong with that, but faded, washed coloured pieces that are just asking to be slipped into my existing wardrobe, nothing too flashy or out there, but just lots of little wardrobe fixers in quality fabrics and cuts. And the same can be said for their shoes...
The sandals below: case in point. How could these not work with everything in your wardrobe already?
All Saints Storm sandal

All Saints Avanta boot
These Avanta boots are heading up my AW footwear wishlist-look at the washed black leather uppers, the nod to the 'outdoorsy-slash-hiker' trend with the lace up detailing, which also adds a little Victoriana spin into the mix....tick, tick, tick. I would wear these with cut off shorts/rolled boyfriend jeans now, and black pegged harems and a lace top in the winter. I want! Maybe this should be my next payday investment....

All Saints Breeze boat shoe

These achingly trendy boat shoes are also a must have. They will be AW's answer to the ballet pump, mark my words. The dirty vintage colourway and slight stack heel set them apart from the bright white/plasticy looking offerings from Topshop and Office...these are the nicest high street (albeit high-end high street) boat shoes I've seen. You'll only do better with a genuine vintage pair, and trying to find them, even in all the vintage shops in London, is a blimming nightmare. (unless you are a boy/have larger feet-my Boy picked up a smashing pair in a vintage shop in Notting to follow....)

All Saints Joanie wedge

I couldn't help myself with these whimsical wedges, either. The shape reminds me of a pair I yearned for as a teenager, which were entirely hideous in their makeup-white plastic, velcro straps, sort of blue and white 'bubble' sole...anyone else remember them? You could only get them in the Grattan catalogue and I remember sighing in defeat at the impossibility of their £45 price tag-I could never afford them. Nice to see I have grown up in some ways...this pair by All Saints are made of the softest suede with a spongy raffia wedge...much more comfy than the ones coveted by my teenage self.

All Saints Imogen shoe boot

Finally I chose this pair as the perfect transitional shoe. Nude shoes are renowned for the good things they can do for your legs, and these are no exception. The twist front detailing and stacked wooden heel adds a designer note to a beautifully made pair of high street shoes. They'll look good with everything, and make everything look good. If you want to nab yourself any of these, visit the All Saints site here.

And finally, behold my new shoes....
Steve Madden 'Trific' platform pumps

These are just going to go on forever, and make me at least 5'8" tall, which is another bonus. The suede uppers are super soft and the platform makes them easier to walk in, plus they do wonders for my legs. All in all, a definite investment, which is where I'm at with my shopping at the moment....less one-season wonders, more wardrobe saving classics. And I quite like it, I must admit. I have been sorting my wardrobe to do a car boot sale (eBay seems like such a faff) and have cleared about 60% of it in all....bags bursting with high street clobber that I've pulled out of the wardrobe and thought, what the heck is this? All ready to go on to better homes. The only things I've made a point of keeping are a) things I actually love, b) all my vintage, and c) all my designer things. And do you know, it's been extremely satisfying.

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Unknown said...

i appear to be collecting shoes that i cant walk in :/


Mimi said...

awww, your shoes are gorgeous!!! :D

p.s. head on over to my blog and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a cute top! and get a coupon code to get 15% off online shopping. :D

<3, Mimi

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