Boot Sale Fail/Stripes....

I had planned to do a carboot today with the Boy but the weather has been so unpredictable, I couldn't be bothered to stand in the drizzle for the afternoon as I was mainly going to sell clothes but also thought that I wouldn't get as many customers if it was bad weather! I need to pay a few bills and clear some space and to this end I have picked out the 'best bits' from what I had decided to take from my wardrobe for the car boot, and bundled them up on eBay, which is probably more faff but I'm also probably more likely to sell them. I always struggle selling shoes as I have tiny feet which no one else around here seems to do, I never sell shoes at car boot sales! So perhaps I'll have better luck on the net!

Jacket, Bag, Leggings: Topshop,Tunic: H&M, Belt: ASOS, Gladiator Sandals: Heart by Michelle Hue, Scarf: Alexander McQueen.
Last night I went to a gig featuring the Boy's band, which was ace, but I stood right next to the speaker and as a result my left ear has not stopped ringing since, which is not good! that'll teach me not to stand there next time I guess! But I like to be near the front!
I also wore a pair of tasseled ankle boots I picked up in the Next sale for £15, they are so nice but absolutely crippled my feet, the angle of the heel is so steep the front of my feet were having cramps and the peep toe rubbed my own toes...owch!
So as you can imagine all I really wanted to do today was kick back and relax a little, hence the flat shoes and comfy outfit! This tunic was £2.99 from H&M, I bought it ages ago but wearing it today I'm not sure if I like it or not. I get attracted by stripes but then never feel like I can pull them off, hmmm. We'll see!
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Cute outfit, love your tunic and fringed sandals.:)SarahD

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