I have been blogging recently about SALE hotpicks, and I've kind of covered clothes and shoes so I thought I'd look at jewellery next! I've picked out a few pieces that I really liked from Flannels website, which in itself is worth a look for the clothing discounts ( they have a really good selection at very reasonable prices.
The gorgeous dove earrings above are Marc Jacobs and reduced to £40, I might have to snap them up come payday!

The pieces above and below are Lara Bohinc, I love her simple designs and gorgeous stones and metallic colours she uses. The ring is reduced to £95, and the bracelet is part of the new range, which is £390! Maybe one to save for...!

The necklace below is by a designer I have only recently come across called Kara Ross. She works mainly in gold with coloured gem or skin highlights and makes some really interesting and statement pieces. I particularly like this necklace, which costs £165 in the sale.

You'll notice that all the pieces I've picked are gold! This is because I love gold, and its all I seem to wear colour-wise. I do like silver but prefer the warmer tones of gold jewellery. Plus I have sensitive skin so I find anything gold or gold plated is pretty safe, whereas silver or silver lookalikes tend to upset me. It is for this reason I rarely buy costume jewellery from the high street, as the quality just doesn't match up-I'd rather spend a bit more and get something that I will treasure forever. That said I do love vintage jewellery, but then it has already been through the test of time with someone else, so you know it is going to be pretty good quality!
What kinds of jewellery do you like?
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