Stylish Blogger Award!

I got a lovely surprise today in the form of this Stylish Blogger Award from the gorgeous Chanel at ChanelCraves, check out her blog at
The rules state that I must tell you 5 random facts about myself and then pass the award on to 5 other stylish bloggers...
1. As well as loving fashion and style I am a keen dancer,
2. I love reading and have become a bit of an unintentional 'Twihard' [haha]
3. I love music but knew nothing about it until I met the Boy...he has taught me so much and showed me so many amazing bands! As a result I completely love Foals, Slow Club, She&Him, and First Aid Kit. Check them out if you can...they're all brilliant.
4. I am incredibly INCREDIBLY excited about the new Sex and the City film!
5. I love writing my blog and looking at everyone elses blogs for style're a fashionable bunch!
And here are 5 bloggers who you should DEFINITELY check out:
1. incredible outfits, and DIY masterpieces,
2. girl who creates beautiful outfits on a shoestring budget-fabulous photo's too!
3. really slick and well written blog, from a stylish male point of view.
4. pretty and sweet yummy mummy-to-be who is a high street high-hitter and always blags the best hauls, then shares her secrets with us!
5. indie girl who tweeted me one day and as a result I snuck a look at her blog and fell in love with'll surely do the same!
PS: If anyone knows how to do that thing, where you just type in the name of the blog and it comes up as a link, can you tell me how?!
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Emma x said...

Thank youuuu for this. I'm going to pass it on this week xx

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