Sold Outnet Sale Fail...

Well, today was the much anticipated Outnet £1 sale which launched (apparently) at 7.24am...well, thats when I got my email, but the Boy had also signed up to it incase my computer fell over and his email came in at 6.42am. The upshot of this was that by the time I was able to log into the site on my computer, most things were gone. :( I had really wanted a handbag so I headed for bags first but there was a small selection and all had gone by the time I came to choose them. Bah!
Happily I did manage to get something, which was more than most people-this dress is Mint by Jodi Arnold and should have cost £295. But I paid £1 for it. I refuse to get excited until it actually arrives though as it would not surprise me if it doesn't turn up at all, such was the shambles of the sale. Which was a pity since it was so hyped up!
So, amongst all the other things I had to do today, grabbing some cheap designer clobber was a nice footnote. Except it was a very stressful, tiring and adrenalin-soaked affair. I think next time The Outnet does a promo like this I shall steer's all too much hassle!
There are a lot of very disconcerted shoppers online as I've seen on Twitter, Facebook, and the Guardian retail forums, and I think The Outnet will have quite a lot of legwork to do to placate them. Apparently we will be given free delivery on our next order, but I'm not sure whether this will be enough to satisfy a jilted fashionista (honestly, according to some friends, items would be in your bag, at the point of checkout, where you'd think the purchase was a shoo-in, and then they'd be unceremoniously booted off the website.) Isn't that just mean!?
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Lina said...

Well said m'love! That's exactly what happened to me, I got to check out about THREE times, written my details in, about to choose shipping option and then it would mess up! So frustrating. But... your dress is lovely. Well done, lucky you. xxx

heartshapedbruise. said...

Ooh that dress is gorgeous! I'm am bit excited for it, even though you're not! I hope it arrives & is worth all the hassle :)

Couture said...

Lucky you!! I did manage to get on the site, bu then I screwed up and couldn't enter the site anymore. When I got on the site again, everything was sold out...
Hope the dress arrives!

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