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I've had a lovely few days...Thursday and Friday off work, beautiful weather, Saturday night out with the Boy and Friends, Sunday spent in the sunshine with my faveeee person....and we went to a carboot sale at which I found these supercute shoes, the lowdown: a) Barely worn (I think this is considered a necessity for second hand shoes...) b) Softest leather (I am not buying cheap shoes [by which I mean-Non Leather] I am so over cheap shoes, and how they never fail to cripple me.) c) Carvela (I like a decent brand, me) d) Most beautiful colour e) Mid-height heel [so now!] and finally f) £3. What's not to like?
It was a good shout all round really...the boy got a bird book, record, badge and football shirt, for half the price of his cola and dirty burger for the walk home, his flatmate Daz got some records and a gameboy, Joe got a football shirt and books, and his gorgeous girlfriend Harriet got a supernice briefcase-bag, book, retro jacket and fluffy jumper. I heart carboot sales, in all.
Check out the high tide and beautiful skies. This is what summer is about!
These are some vanity cases that I forgot I had and when I was spring cleaning, turfed them out again. They belonged to my Grandma I think, they're so nice. I want to use them as handbags but they are just a bit bulky. Might make nice carry-on luggage bags though, for holiday...if a) the Iceland Volcano Cloud disperses and b) I get over my fear of flying.

This is the canvas tote I received with my Outnet order (my dress arrived today, could you believe it! It is very pretty and I don't want to gloat, but I am so happy with it. More on this tomorrow....!

I love this little cloche hat. Another vintage find from my Grandma. I love vintage pieces especially from my Grandmothers as sadly both have passed away. Wearing things I know were theirs or that they have loved makes me feel close to them, I imagine they are looking down on me and laughing at how I wear their clothes so differently from the way they did.

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Janine said...

Those shoes are so gorgeous, you clearly have the best car boot sales where you live.. lucky! x

KathyGale said...

wow I love the shoes! :D
I was wondering, where and what day was the car boot? I used to do them on Sundays (such fun!) but I work on sundays now.. please tell me it was on a friday or something... :S :D xx

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