Icy Sting....

Today I was really keen to wear this new ring that I bought from eBay. It is a full-finger one and it is in the design of a scorpion. I really like it, it is so unusual and I like that you kind of have to look twice at it to see what it is. And it was only £3.49! I love eBay :)

I bought this icy blue squashy bag yesterday in the Dorothy Perkins sale, now that I've been paid at last. It was only a fiver! It reminds me of one Louis Vuitton did a couple of seasons ago, and the colour is so tonal and will go with everything.

So I still can't break out of black, but I am trying to lighten the look with some paler shades. I went for this blue pinstriped shirt and vintage blazer, but I made it look a little less 'clean' with some vintage boots.

Ring: eBay, Jacket: Vintage, Shirt: Quiksilver Woman, Trousers: River Island, Boots: Vintage, Bag: Dorothy Perkins, Corsage: Primark.

Hope you all had a lovely day! I worked and the highligh of the day was a man coming into the shop whose music (ipod) was SO loud, it drowned out our shop music, and I could hear the lyrics, one of which was, "I'm gonna F*** your face off." Nice!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I love that outfit - I'm a big fan of the good ol' blazer - I have a cream one, but it doesn't look as nice as yours!

That ring is something else. I have a huge amount of rings, but I don't own a full-finger one.. maybe something I should look into!


Paint it Black said...

Ebay is fab for unusual finds and that is totally amazing great way to finish off any outfit xoxo

amie k said...

Thankyou! I think it is pretty cool! xoxo

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