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An ASOS piece on fabulous fringing....

Fringe Benefits...

June 12, 2009 12:54 PM
One of the hottest trends around at the moment is fringing. But it seems there is a fine line between looking fringed, fab and on-trend, and looking like a native American (not that that is a bad thing....just somehow may not work in the office!) So, fringing can be a hard trend to carry off.In my experience, like a lot of trends, your biggest asset is your confidence! Whatever you choose to wear, heaps of attitude is key. If people laugh, well, they obviously just don't get your fabulousness. So ultimately-confidence is the vehicle for this trend!But back to the clothes...oooh, fringing....once terminally uncool and typifying everything reject-worthy about the 1970's/80's (white leather batwing fringed leather jacket anyone?) now fringing is hot to trot and was referenced by many top end designers. Where to start? In my opinion, there are several key areas to address when considering taming the tassels....Firstly, don't be afraid of making a statement. Get your attitude on, and rock out. Choose a piece with attitude, but don't let it wear YOU-make sure you are noticed for the RIGHT reasons, rather than because you are fading into the background and hoping no one notices your tasseled
skirt. Just the other day I saw a girl wearing an oversized vintage looking suede jacket with fringing in a V shape down the back, and along the backs of the sleeves. It looked like something borrowed from Bon Jovi circa the late 80's, and it looked absolutely amazing. She wore it with skinny black jeans, bashed up ankle boots, a plain tee, and a face that said, 'I don't care if you laugh, because I love this and I know I look good' and it worked SO well. I was very, very jealous!!Secondly, don't mix it up too much, where this trend is concerned. I think that with something like prints, it can be a bit funky to clash them up, but I feel that with fringing, basics are the best base layer to add fringing to. Additionally, its usually best to stick to one or two fringed pieces per outfit, or the look can all become a bit Wild West. You know....fringed jacket plus Navaho fringed boots divided by fringed bag=fringe fear. And if you fringing is getting tangled together, you know you're wearing too much!!In the same vein, be careful of making too many cultural references. Fringing+denim+cowboy boots=Jessica Simpson circa Daisy Duke. Cute if you actually live on a ranch in the midwest. Perhaps not so appropriate for stomping down the high street on a drizzly friday afternoon.Additionally, Flapper style fringing can look fantastic for day or evening, on dresses or, for day, a pretty fringed silk vest worn with skinny jeans and studded gladiators can look sweet, and I personally love mixing textures-wearing silk and denim for day, for example. Remember to let your fringing do the talking though....fringing can oh so easily cross into the territory of theme dressing, so unless you WANT to look like a ranch hand or a chorus girl, keep your wits sharp and your outfit relevant.My favourite mantra of late when it comes to tricky trends is this: "Accessories are your friend." Remember this because even if you think that there is no WAY you will be rocking the old fringed leather skirt, you can still try the trend on, and in surprisingly wearable ways. Fringed bags are HUGE right now (literally as well as metaphorically-fringing somehow looks so much better on the large scale) and they work really well as outfit elevators-rendering plainer styles instantly updated. Navaho boots or moccassins with fringing are super for the 'will-it-or-won't-it-rain' moments, as they will keep your feet drier than sandals, but look more of the moment that leather boots or uggs. These look particularly fresh with denim jeggings and a slouchy printed tee...comfy casual, and perfect for festivals. Or to up the fashion ante, you can pair them with a lantern skirt, tee and vintage scarf for a folky look that carries a little more injection of glamour than you would give fringing credit for. See? its so versatile!And when the sun comes out, check out the amazing fringed sandal boots (from ASOS of course..) I think these are a great alternative to gladiator sandals, come in 4 colours (so no excuses, theres something for everyone, and every outfit!) and reference the trend fabulously! These will work with cotton sundresses, tucked into skinny jeans, in the evening with black shorts and a slouchy tee...perfection!Fringing is one of those trends that seems perrenial, we see it many seasons on repeat and that is because it is undeniably cool and fantastically fierce. Embrace it, know your limits, and wear with attitude and reckless abandon, and you can't go far wrong. Aim to be more Poker Face than Pocahontas, and saddle up!
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