Past Work...Part Eight: SWIMWEAR

A piece on Swimwear.

Sink or swim....
June 13, 2009 1:19 PM

Yeeearrrrrrrrr, its that time of year again when we all have to do the unthinkable and *shudder* get our bods out!! Yep, swimwear season is here again and with it comes the obligatory cold sweats and freak outs as we once again (try) and buff, polish and
tan ourselves to perfection before even hitting the poolside.Once we're there though, lets face it, its our swim couture that does the talking, and so I thought i'd foray into a world sometimes either overcooked or underdone by the fashion mags...what to wear in the the pool! (Or beside it, i'm not fussy!)As an ASOS Addict, i've (blates) cruised the site for ages checking out all the lovely clothes and accessories, and can honestly say that the swimwear section is absolutely fantastic! Not only is there a great selection of product from different brands and designers, there are also pieces to suit every pocket, and all a couple of clicks away (no more having to sharpen your elbows to brave the high street in the heat). Whats not to like?!If you are feeling the pinch in your wallet this season, (I for one have been well and truly Credit Crunched) i'd suggest taking a look at the range of seperates ASOS do. Have a look in your wardrobe....last years black bikini still looking shipshape? If so, why not just purchase a new top or bottom piece in a different colour? Block colouring is huge right now, and a snappy little neon top would look super hot with plain black bottoms. Pop on your fluro nail varnish, and shake it sister!If you're feeling a little creative, why not just get your customising steez on? Plain bikini's don't have to be boring...think of them as the perfect base on which to add your own little stylish tweaks. Make friends with your local haberdashery, and pillage their resources for bikini-bettering booty! I mean, a plain black or navy bikini would get new life with a couple of brass buttons stitched onto the sides of the pants, and on the straps where they meet the cups on the top. This would also look aces on a stripy bikini...nautical but nice, and so seaside-relevant! Speaking of which, rope detailing also always looks about stitching a skinny piece of rope around the waist of your bikini bottoms, and a little rope bow in between the out that Katy Perry doesn't try to come and steal it though!If you're more a swimsuit girl, check out the cute cut out ones that are very hot right now. Make sure you apply your suncream though to avoid a checkerboard suntan! I also love the 50's style boyshort swim suits which give great coverage but are still really sexy and stylish to boot. Particularly if you are less confident about your bod, a swimsuit can be much more flattering and confidence boosting than a barely there bikini. But go with what works for you! I have a strapless brown swimsuit which (I know) sounds hideous but just fits me really really well and makes me feel like a 50's movie star...I like to wear it with uber large sunnies and a chunky chain necklace ( beachside tip: keep your jewellery to a minimum for two reasons, 1) we are not channeling Donatella Versace, and 2) as soon as it starts hotting up, you'll be less hello sailor, and more hello burn marks. Just a heads up!)And of course, who can forget the ultimate girlie poolside saviour....the cover up. These have come into their own in recent seasons and again, I find ASOS has a blooming great range. I particularly like the poppy print cotton beach dress, which I would also wear with moccassin boots to a festival...see, your holiday wardrobe can work harder for you and come out of its 'holiday' category with some selective accessorising! Vests and T shirt dresses are also perfect for covering up, and if you pick a neutral colour, are SO easy to dress up, to take you straight from beach to bar. I mean, stick a belt, some fabulous earrings, and some sparkly flats in your beach bag, and hey presto, instant outfit for bar-propping later!So, swimwear panic over, hit the beach in style, for a fabulous slice of summer! Don't forget the factor 50, or the cocktails! As you were!
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