Hello Lover, Goodbye Comfort....

So, in a blog past I think I mentioned about the boots I had invested in for AW09/10. Well. Despite their a) beauty, b) spellbindingness, c) height of heel, and d) supreme bargainousness, there is a slight sting in the tale. And I promised photos, hence:

Arent they lovely? So shiny, so new.....

However. I neglected to notice the viciousness of which the zips running up the back of these beautiful shoes had been affixed. Why, oh why do shoe makers insist on ruining super new footwear with cheap trims?? I ask you.

Anyway, this was the outcome of one wear. ONE. A walk from the boy's flat to the local. Hardly a mission. Should've worn my brogues.

I know they only look like small scuffs, but man, did they hurt. They are actually like little burns, and, 2 weeks later, are still scabby and minging. Such an unfortunate letdown. Note to self: Must wear socks/tights with these boots next time. Or book a taxi.
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