Water Water Everywhere, And Not A Drop To Drink....

....Answer me this: Why, oh WHY, is it that, when I have a little money, a little bit of cash to burn, I cannot find anything I would like to spend it on? Its like the Riddle of the Sphinx or something. I swear, now that I have spent what remains of my birthday bux, or, at least, assigned their spending (to car tax, joy of joys) I will probably find about a trillion things that I can't live without?
Well, what I did buy, with the minimal amount I spent, is here (in part) to show you. I am wearing today what I like to call my transitional weather outfit, when there is a chill in the air, and yet, the sun threatens to break through. So. To cover all potential element-attacks, I have chosen to wear; top down:
That ratty beret which is annoying me even as I look at this picture, on accounts of the fact that it beggars belief that I even still own it, such is the state of it. I looked at the lable, it is from Topshop, circa AW 2003. If that isn't an excuse to chuck it, or at least give it a wash, I don't know what is.
Anyway. I'm also rocking my beige ASOS leather bib-fronted jacket, which I am a little in love with and so wear a LOT of the time. I am aware this could become the new Harem Trousers, and am taking steps to prevent it heading this way, never fear.
My tee shirt is from H&M (how high street today) and has a really cute illustration of a bird on it. I like it because it is a nice fit and the illustration is very now...birds and animals are always in order adorning clothing, I think. I should know: I have a keen menagerie of animal-themed clothing items in my wardrobe, as does the boy (his are mainly cats and dinosaurs) and as he is the most stylish boy I know, I must be on to a winner.
And next we have my jeggings. Yes, Jean-Leggings. Jeggings. They are the new big deal, and, cripes, are they ever comfortable. Not quite in a harem trouser way, but pretty damn close, I'd say. These ones are from H&M, in fact I found these in the kids department, in which I had never thought to look before, but being small does have some advantages, and the fact that they cost a paltry £7.99 went a ways towards making them my new favourite trouser. They are simply begging to be worn with this incredible jumper that the boy bought me for my birthday (from eBay, simply amazing) which is like an 80's 3/4 length batwing sleeved number which depicts not only a ships wheel, but also an anchor weaving its way across the front of it in intricate weave and beadwork. Delectable. And I'm so excited to wear it.
Finally, we have my chain link-detail belt (vintage, pillaged from a friend's charity shop pile) and my SHOES. These are the ones that the boy bought me for my birthday, and I think you'll agree, they are pretty darn hot. They are also supercomfy and the colour means that they'll go with everything I own, so they'll be worn a whole lot of the time, and since my other favourite vintage Bally brogues have split down one foot (can this be fixed? any shoe repairers out there?) they couldn't have come into my wardrobe at a better time. Straight up sorted!
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