Engagement Party Outfit Results! i.e, Not A Complete Non-Starter On The Outfit Front...

So. As I had previously mentioned in a blog gone by, last night, following an (exhausting) day of dance exams, (all done, and all seemed to go well...phew for that) the boy and I attended a rather swanky sioreƩ to celebrate the engagement of two of our friends, Hayley and Sam. After a rather rushed beginning (I didn't exit the exam hall until 5pm, and a shower and change was clearly in order, plus, attention had to be paid to the boy's outfit choices, and also my hair, which as a result of using the boy's two in one shampoo/conditioner combo [lovely and neccessary though it was] turned into a thundering frizzbro of mammoth proportions), we arrived at the venue primed and ready for action (after the boy having a right old time attempting to complete an engagement card in a moving vehicle. I did try to avoid the potholes...), and also rather hot under the collar, due to an epic fail on the parking front (I parked about a mile away, and when we got to the party, realised that there were acres of parkable concrete on which we could have left the car. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful evening for a walk, so).

I had already sussed my outfit, which proved an incredible stroke of luck considering the time constraints. The boy was undecided on whether to wear a cravat, which he rocked with style in his room, but was uncertain as to whether it would carry too much clout in a social situation such as the one we were to attend. I liked it, but it was eventually discarded, due to spend its Saturday night hanging out with an odd sock on the bedroom floor rather than cutting shapes on a blistering dancefloor. So the boy chose skinny black jeans, hot to trot black pointy shoes, and a kicky little striped shirt, and yup, he smouldered. The gauntlet was laid down, and it was time for me (or my outfit) to step up. So here is what I wore:

From the top: I decided to leave my feathered fascinator at home...I too felt it may have been a bridge too far for this event, indeed, it also befell the fate of Cravat Syndrome. I predict I shall wear it when the boy wears his cravat next and then they can enjoy a sociable outing together. But I digress. Yes. 'Amie' necklace and anchor/swallow locket are 2 pieces that I always wear, and seem to go with everything! Grey vest was £6 in topshop, and is a nice quality thin cotton one that is a real staple for so many outfits...a great baselayer, and at the mo they are on offer at 2 for £9, which is a real steal in my book. Over the top of this I wore my heinously expensive lace crop top (very OTM, it has drape sides and can be wore super-casual or souped up for an evening, so I'll consider it an investment). That was from Toppers as well, and I am slightly concerned about seeing many other hot young things sporting it, such is the level of Topshop love in my town (it is possibly the only trendy shop-spot there)
My trousers are also Topshop, I'd like to point out that a) I never usually wear this much of one brand and b) they are ancient, so the liklihood of seeing an outfit duplication=slim. Unlike me in these trousers...they are about a size and a half too small, so there was much button strainage, plus a need for a long vest to disguise the muffin top/gut rolls that they caused. Yeuch, what I do for an outfit. I could hardly sit down, and, once I'd hit the buffet, move at all.
Cripes, just realised that my shoes are even Topshop, talk about a one-brand-pony. They aren't paying me to wear their clothes, honest (if only). These shoes though, were my birthday present from the lovely Lauren and Hayley, which I've told you about in previous posts. It's a good story, so if you're a newbie, check them out.
My jacket (thankfully) is not Topshop (!) it is actually Stella McCartney, I love it a LOT. It is satin and batwinged with bomber cuffs and waistband and a very cute zip pull with a kind of spangled disco ball on, and it's my pride and joy :)
I'm also holding my fave little vintage Dior bag, which is a little monogrammed envelope clutch that I found in a charity shop, and it is deceptively spacious as well as being very, very cute.
So that is what resulted from my engagement party evening out. Due to exam overexertion, the dancefloor was left well and truly to the younger guns, or at least, the ones who had enough energy/lack of inhibition (probably fuelled by the free bar) to shake their collective things to a practically-acoustic-version of Beyonce's Crazy In Love (the one with the booty shaking breakdown). I, on the other hand, took my Dior and my Stella and kept the buffet company with the boy. Good times had by all, I'd say.

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