A Slight Pre-emptive Slip Up..Or...It's My Birthday, I'll Spend If I Want To...

Tomorrow is a milestone in this bloggers world...also known as...my 26th birthday.

In celebration of this event, and because I have been sooooo good for, I'd say, at least a month with all this 'not shopping' gubbins, which, may I say, for someone who's key hobby, and method of cardio exercise, is shopping, has been almightily difficult, and not at all rewarding, (except for the bank account status, and even I can't seem to see much difference yet...store cards are paid off though). I have hence decided to spend my birthday indulging in a spot of retail therapy! And about this I am ridiculously excited.

And also slightly cautious. I think, if my time away from shopping has taught me anything, it is that I need to be more selective, and less fashion blinded. Hence, I have devised a mental list of products that I wish to purchase tomorrow, and they include the following:

1. A shoulder padded T shirt
2. A boyfriend fit/slouchy blazer
3. A plaited leather belt.

All these, will, I feel, carry through nicely into AW09/10 and as such are investment pieces. If the shoulder pad T shirt is too expensive, I'm not adverse to buying a plain one and some shoulder pads from my local haberdashery and doing a DIY job...It would keep costs down, at least, if I can only be bothered. I shall report back on my findings, never fear.

I should also like to purchase the perennial key piece for AW-the boot. I would like a slightly higher than ankle, but lower than calf one, in either grey or black leather or suede, featuring either a plethora of studs or a sprinkling of frills. Sadly this item is unlikely to come in under budget and as such, unless my lottery comes up tonight, they could be a distant dream. Nonetheless, style stalkery in the extreme is set to commence, and armed with my Elle High Street Style Guide, I'm shooting to kill.
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