An Episode In Which She Realises She Has a) Forgotten How To Shop And b) Is Spoilt Rotten...Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!

Well, in my previous post I let on that I was about to turn 26...turns out, I did it in style. Well, sort of. I kitted myself out in my party outfit (no photo, as had no photographer to to say, it consisted of a very cute high waisted skirt, stripey anchor-button detail top, cardigan, and beret, which seems to have become a permanent fixture atop my bonce and is in danger of becoming the new Harem Trouser [worn with everything, all the goddamn time.] I also sported a pair of fabulous vintage Bally two tone brogues-more on these later.) And then, the boy and I took off on a much-anticipated birthday-time spendathon.

Which got off to a slower start than first expected....the train which we planned to take to Shopping Central was delayed due to another train breaking down. Not fancying the 3 hour bus journey which was so thoughtfully laid on by First Great Western, we decided to take my car instead. So that was all fine, and we arrived to sunny skies and the prospect of an enigmatic spendathon laid out before us.

And my oh my. Months of not shopping, it would seem, have firmly sapped the shopping life out of my veins. Our first stop was Topshop, and, seriously, how easy is it to spend money in there? I ask you. I was armed with £80 in cold hard cash, and as I wandered, mouth agape, through the store, I wondered what I would make my Next Great Purchase.

Regular readers of my blog will remember that I had constructed a 'key purchase' list, which I had aimed to stick to, thus avoiding unneccessary impulse buys. This went firmly out the window upon discovery of a bleached, high waisted, short denim skirt for £10 in the sale. The boy was adamant that this must be purchased, and since I trust his opinion implicitly, it was immediatley snapped up. Furthermore, I couldn't find a blazer that I loved enough to buy (I'm still looking-they will be scorching still for AW09/10.) However, I also aquired a rather lovely pair of flat brogues-cream, leather, lace up, stunning in every way, made even lovelier being, as they were, paid for by the of his birthday presents to me was a 'voucher' to be redeemed at a store of my choice, for an item of my choice. (I know-could he be any more perfect?!)

I also wanted to purchase a shoulder-padded t shirt, and there were some available in Topshop for £12, which I was quite pleased with. However, the quality wasn't great, and the sizing was dubious, so I left those for the time being.

Zara was our next stop-we missioned straight through to the womenswear sale section to snap up any final bargains. My old shopping blindness reared its ugly head when I happened upon a pair of black harem trousers for £5.99. Thank god for the boy, whose level headedness and thought clarity reminded me that a) I do not need another pair of harems, even if they are £5.99, and b) I thought I was aiming to get out of the harem trouser rut, ergo, another pair would only be counterproductive. He was right, and I stepped away from the bargain.

We also visited H&M, a shop which, of late, has not been ringing my style bell at all...everything seems cheap, young, and highly fashion backwards. I am pleased to report that, whilst I made no purchases from the womenswear department, the quality and stylishness of the product does seem to have been ramped up a gear. Plus they are also awarded points for securing the Jimmy Choo collection, about which I am stupidly excited, which is due to launch in November. Good times for all credit crunched fashionistas, and I surely hope that the faux-fashionistas amongst us will not spoil things for the rest by pillaging all the hot picks to sell on eBay. Please, leave some for those who actually care.

In sum, a lovely day was had, in which I learned the following things: 1. Several weeks out of the shopping loop has indeed cleared me of the worst of my impulse spending, and as a result, I returned from my trip with minimal products, but they are KEY products which will work hard for me in the seasons to come, 2. Coming home with money in my wallet is a) a novelty to which I am yet to get used to and b) really rather satisfying, and 3. The boy is a true diamond in my life, and his taste in jewellery is second to none, and as such, I am now rocking a seriously amazing locket which sports, amongst other things, anchors and swallows and all things nautical. Happy Birthday indeed!
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