Episode 56, In Which She Wore A Pair Of Ginger Sideburns, All In The Name Of A Decent Party...Wait, She Wore WHAT?!?

Yes, dear reader, you did indeed read that title correctly....for, tomorrow evening, I shall be attending a social soireƩ avec le boy, well, at his place of residence no less...with the stickler being that all attendees, male or female, must be sporting some sort of facial hair.

Crackers! Being, as I am (blates, by dint of being female) facially-follically-challenged (try saying that after a shandy or two) I have purchased myself (never one to stick to the nominal 'moustache' trend) a pair of gingery sideburns, which, unluckily enough, bare more than a passing resemblance to my own current hair colour. Bad times!

Now, I intend to work this into my outfit du jour in a nonchalant and insouciant fashion, think, maybe, 90's grunge meets that Simpsons stalwart, Caretaker Willie...a little bit of plaid might be in order to spice up this pair of skinny, black, slightly sateen cigarette pants I have my beady eye on...blimey, it sounds like the whole ensemble may teeter dangerously into Rod Stewart territory. There will, of course, be other hairy ladies at the event of whom I intend to take snaps for this very blog, plus I shall report back on how sideburns rate as a fashion accessory. Note: at present, I imagine, not very highly. But you never know! I shall try to garner the general consensus and duly report back!

One last point of note: Last night, the boy and his band, along with a few other bands, played a smashing gig at a local pub, and it rocked. And from this I also learnt: Boys from Birmingham like tie dye and rolled up skinny jeans, and they kill them with panache. But a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and a brand spanking new hairdo always leads in the style stakes...lucky for me that the boy is truly spot on stylewise.
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