I can't believe that we've lived in our new home for almost a year now. We got the keys in July last year (it was raining, as it always seems to be when we move house!) and as luck would have it we were staying at my brothers at the time, as we had sold our previous flat before we had found this one that we wanted to buy, and the new owner was keen to move in. So we spent about six weeks at my brothers with all of our things in storage, before we were able to start moving into our new home.

We didn't want or need to do any major renovations, but we did want to make some cosmetic changes as the primary colour palette for the whole property was varying shades of purple. No disrespect to anyone's styling preferences but we just weren't keen on it and so we repainted the hallway, living room and ensuite which were all shades of lilac and changed the carpet in the spare room which was bright purple (fraggle rock purple I like to call it!)

Once that bulk of painting was done and the paint smell had dispersed, we were able to move in properly and start to decorate as we wished. Embarrasingly almost a year later we haven't got any pictures up on our walls in the living room! We have got the ones we want to put up, we've just not yet got round to hanging them. We have a picture rail which will be a novelty to try when we get round to putting the pictures up!

Another thing we need to change are the curtains in the living room, the building is listed and has large sash windows so curtains are a must to prevent draughts, especially in the winter. Currently they are, again, not to our taste but due to the size of the windows they are not cheap to replace so we have lived with them perfectly well for the last year!

I think in this 'instagram' day and age there's a lot of pressure to move into a new place and make it perfect, worthy of squares on the 'gram but the reality is that moving house is expensive. We have tried to do the best we can to make our home as lovely as we can, but we don't feel there's a rush to do so, and I'd rather get things right than do it hurriedly and then want to change it all in a few months. Linking to Zoe London's post on the same subject who explains it much more coherently, here!

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