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Wearing: All Topshop (old)

I used to get called 'Topshop mannequin' as a nickname oh, about 15 years ago simply because I just loved shopping at Topshop. Of all the stores on the high street, it's the one I can always find something I like in. Even of late when it seems to be much more focused on early twenties fashion, the 00's are back in a big way but there are still a couple of coats and a jumper I have my eye on. 

I've really enjoyed taking part in Second Hand September and because Topshop is such a big name, I find it in the chazzers all the time. Buying second hand and not supporting 'fast fashion' is important to me, and I do try and buy second hand where I can. These items I'm wearing here weren't second hand sadly but they do have a story as to how I came about them!

Bag - bought in the sale for a tenner and used all summer (I will use it next summer too)
Dress - basically free as in the sale for a tenner also and I ended up getting it in exchange for a jacket which Adrian was returning and had lost the receipt for. Win!
Sandals - last summer's buy, love them but when I bought them it was no longer sandal weather. I have rinsed them in 2019 though!

More on #SecondHandSeptember soon!

XO Amie
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