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I took a bit of a break from computers over Christmas and New Year, which was lovely, but I'm back with a new post for 2019 (finally!) and I thought I'd talk about something which is extremely topical at the moment - the January sales!

It's always a temptation to go a bit mad when sale time rolls around, although, I think, perhaps less so these days when the high street always seems to be offering a discount on something or other. Historically I have found sale time to be the time that I end up buying items out of season, which is something I used to think was rather silly but actually, its ended up working quite well for me. Classic purchases might as well be bought when the sales are on, so the things you would buy anyway - a lovely pair of sandals, denim, a well made jumper - can be picked up no matter what the time of year and stored until you need it. I have bought all of my swimwear out of season for very low cost, and, because I know the style I like, have been able to drag it out time and time again without feeling I have to buy new each year.

Something I have learnt as I've got older is that I have a certain style, so I make less of the mistakes I made in my twenties of buying something that was heavily reduced for that very reason, regardless of whether I'll actually wear it or not. I use sale time to pick up things that are my cup of tea, and that I know I will wear in a few months because they aren't things that will date. Cropped pale blue wide leg jeans for £7? Perfect for the spring with a brogue or low block heel (as is my wont) and a tee and cardi or lightweight jumper. Chanel-inspired cream and black rattan slides reduced from £36 to £10? Casual summer shoe sewn up. Linen (my favourite fabric) in abundance - perfect for holidays and hot summer days in all iterations.

I have also been investigating buying better and more ethical brands rather than relying on high street fast fashion houses. This is not always an option but I try to make it so more and more, and I consider buying from the 'eco' ranges offered by high street fashion brands if I do shop there. A small change, but a change nonetheless, and anything that can be done to help care for the planet is a step in the right direction, in my opinion.

A few brands that I really like are Finnisterre, a sustainable surfwear brand who also produce amazing knits and scarves. Their swimsuits and bikinis are made from a material derived from waste plastic fishing nets. Here Today Here Tomorrow, a fair trade fashion label whose products are made by artisans in Nepal - I love their hats. Mayamiko - a fair trade sustainable brand who feature beautiful African prints and offer clothing, accessories and homewares on their website. Happy shopping!

XO Amie

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