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Doesn't it feel like a long time ago you could go out without a coat?! I have been really behind on my blogging this month and as such I've got a few pics from September and early October still to post. I bought these trousers in the Topshop sale right at the end of the heatwave, they cost £8 and I've worn them twice this year so far, however I am definitely going to try and get away abroad next year so they will be perfect to keep for that. They are lightweight linen and so comfortable.

My tee shirt is an eBay find and a homage to Tears for Fears, it's the Sport Aid 'I ran the World' tee (more commonly seen on Andy from little Britain) and was merch from Sport Aid 1986.  Created in the same vein as Live Aid and Band Aid, it raised money for famine victims in Africa. 'The Race Against Time' took place on Sunday, May 25th 1986, with people all over the world running, jogging or walking 10km raising money for famine relief charities. Over 19.8 million people took part across the world, making it the largest sporting event ever organised, a title it holds to this day.

XO Amie
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