The Return of the It Bag

Dior saddlebag

One of the first 'designer' handbags I ever bought was the Dior saddlebag, picked up for a song second hand. I used it pretty much constantly throughout the 2000's, and then retired it to the depths of my wardrobe when the style moved from desireable and fashion forward to tacky and too of-the-moment. I bought a fairly plain black and brown leather variation, which I am glad about as it's given the bag a lot of versatility, and what do you know, almost 20 years on it's the bag du jour once again!

'It bags' were the only style to carry in the 2000s, whether that be the Dior Saddle, Chloe Paddington, anything Chanel, LV Speedy, Marc Jacobs Stam, or Alexander Wang Rocco. The ostentatious and eyecatching designs demanded attention and inferred wealth, even if savvy shoppers picked theirs up second hand through resale sites or dress agencies. Then all of a sudden, it became very uncool to tout your designer ambitions so overtly, and handbags became much more simplified, understated and pared down.

So what does an it bag 2018 look like? Unsurprisingly, they are still created by the biggest names in fashion - and some haven't changed all that much. Anything Chanel is still coveted, Chloe is still going strong, although the Nile is the new Paddington, Marc Jacobs presents the Snapshot, and the Celine Luggage is a favourite with celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Are they worth a splurge? I love my Dior Saddle and yoinking it out of the wardrobe for 2018, it feels fresh and modern, despite its age. It's a piece I'll keep for years to come. I think the key when buying any designer item, is to pick a piece you'll love - that way, no matter what the trends dictate, you'll always want to wear it.

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Vogue

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