Review: Lush T'eo

Regular readers will know, I love Lush products. I like the fact that they are made from natural, in many cases sustainable materials, non-animal tested, and lacking in the synthetic preservatives that so many cosmetic products contain. I've actually moved a lot of my makeup bag and skincare contents over to this brand, and it's one of the first places I go when I'm in the market for a new product.

I've not used an aerosol deodorant for years and this is for a couple of reasons - despite no longer containing environmentally harmful CFCs, many aerosols do contain harsh ingredients such as aluminium which can be damaging to the skin and, from a purely selfish purpose, I was sick and tired of ruining so many black tops and dresses with white marks! (so frustrating!) 

I moved over to a stick deodorant and the one I used most often was a Bionsen stick deodorant made with Japanese minerals, which is paraben and aluminium free. I can't rate this highly enough, but that's probably for another post! After I used up this one, I thought I'd change things up and rather than just buy the same again, try something different, which was where T'eo from Lush comes in.

Created from super absorbent powders and containing fresh green grapes, juniper and citrus, this oval bar is designed to be rubbed under the arms and is absorbent and anti-bacterial. Just what you'd want in a deodorant! The product smells, as all Lush products do, fairly strongly but this is a fresh, juicy and sharp citrus scent which I really like. The base of the product is waxy which I think means you could just store it in the bathroom on it's base, however I haven't found it to be very happy unwrapped so I keep it in a sandwich bag in my bathroom cabinet (the glamour!)

So, does it work? Yes and no. Initially I really didn't like the product at all. I couldn't work out how to get it to apply in any quantity - a couple of swipes deposits barely any product - and whilst I'm not a particularly sweaty person, at the end of a hot day I didn't feel that this product really helped keep me dry or stink free. After a few days of usage, the top of the bar became very brittle and quite scratchy - and as everyone knows, your underarm skin isn't the hardiest, so it was almost a little painful to use.

I managed to counteract this by scratching up the top of the bar before each use. This loosened the powder and allowed more product to apply more easily to the skin. Once I'd managed this, I found the efficacy of the product much better overall - for keeping my underarms dry and pong-free. I love the fact that this product had no packaging and can be kept in a tin for travel use or in a Lush paper bag in the cupboard when not being used, and the bar lasts for a really long time, which makes the cost (£5.95) relatively low when you consider the longevity of the product.

The biggest drawback I've found with this product is the mess it causes. Bits and pieces fly everywhere when you use it, and this is common knowledge because the Lush Sales Assistant who sold it to me warned me of the fact. Likewise, if it touches your clothes, they will get covered with white powder, however, unlike aerosol deodorant which is a real pain to get off, this just brushes away.

Overall, it's really exciting to use a different version of a product that I use everyday, and to try something new. Would I buy this exact product again? Probably not, but I have seen that Lush have now launched a solid deodorant in a non-powder format which would obviously be a lot less messy, so I would be tempted by that. I have to say though, it's probably back to Bionsen for me next.

XO Amie
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