Products I've Used Up #40

It seems just a moment ago that I blogged an 'empties' post but, as is often the case, a lot of products have come to an end at once and so I have a bit of a backlog of empties posts to get through. This one is totally skincare - I've tried to divide them up this way so I talk about the same types of products in each post.

There were things in this post I would buy again and things I wouldn't, as is usually the case I hate to waste products so unless they react badly to my skin, I try to keep going with them until they are all finished. Possibly my favourite product in this haul is the Lush Kalamazoo which I've discussed in more detail here, but I am currently loving my Lush Buche de Noel cleanser so I won't re-buy this one until I've finished that. I also finished up a sample of the Malin & Goetz grapefruit cleanser, which was ok, but a bit too astringent for my liking.

The Korres pomegranate moisturiser also got a post of it's own here and I absolutely loved using this. The only reason I haven't repurchased it is down to the price, but it was a lovely moisturiser and I would highly recommend it. I would use this in the morning, and then this Body Shop vitamin E night cream in the evening. I've recently purchased another Body Shop night cream as I enjoyed using this one - conversely, it's a pomegranate one! I have a review/first impressions planned on this to come.

I've got really into using face masks just lately, I think the ravages of winter weather take their toll on my skin and a mask supplies that extra boost of moisture and repair that my face requires. This Nuxe one was lovely - really thick and excellent at making my skin super soft, my face really drank it up and then I would just massage in any excess and then rinse for a great complexion.

One thing I wouldn't rebuy was this Micellar cleansing gel by Garnier. I didn't find it particularly effective as a cleanser and it really stung my eyes, so it wasn't much of a pleasure to use and I had to use quite a lot of it to get a decent foam. It was also quite drying, so this isn't something that will be restocked in my bathroom cabinet!

XO Amie
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