Winter Wonderful

Winter outfits from across the years

One of my favourite things about winter (apart from Christmas) is the fact that I get to wear some of my favourite items of clothing. I definitely prefer the summer (if it's not raining) and I love going on holiday, but I love the fun of unpacking my winter clothes, reaching for the things I enjoy wearing the most - faux fur, woolen jumpsuits, knitted dresses, chunky jumpers, and of course an ankle boot or two!

Looking back at these snaps I also love something else about the winter....the way you can track the season through the landscape. Whether it's a setting sun painting the sky with colour, a frosty night filled with stars, morning mists rising from the field, a crisp cityscape or a walk through peacful woodland, the landscape can truly help to capture the feeling of the season.

I've often thought it might be nice to try and capture the seasons, or the months as they tumble through the year, in a series of photos (perhaps without me standing in all of them!) and I think something like this would make a lovely Christmas gift - either for myself, as a record of my favourite looks of the year, or a loved one, as a truly unique and bespoke gift. I'm not the best photographer, but I think photo calendars from Truprint would be a lovely way of summing up the year that's passed and making a great gift for the year ahead. Of course, you could choose any subject; from pictures of landscapes to snaps of friends and family, pets, favourite places, favourite shoes, meals....the list is endless!

I also think that a gift like a photobook or photo calendar is a sentimental but practical present, sure to raise a smile and also be of use! In a world where everyone is looking to cut down on clutter in the home, a calendar is still something that most people invest in and use on a daily basis, so this is a bespoke gift that is also functional, too - to be used and enjoyed, not simply stashed away in a drawer.

XO Amie

This post is in collaboration with Truprint

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