Instagram Roundup: September 2017

Fenty Beauty // Bristol Fashion Week // Vogue // Birthday breakfast // Catwalk at Concorde // Gingham look // Gingham look 2 // Garden Centre // Weather rolling in

I always start my instagram posts with a lament on the passing of the previous month, and I think it's now undeniably autumn. I can't say I enjoy autumn all that much; it seems to be the signifier of several months of rain, grey skies and leaving for work/getting home in the dark. There are a few good things about it, though; the thought of Christmas and also the opportunity to do a bit of new season shopping are the silver lining! 

September was really good, though - I turned 34 at the beginning of the month and enjoyed a lovely birthday breakfast at The Ivy, and actually the weather hasn't been too bad and I've managed to wear some of my summer clothes throughout the month although I will be reaching for jumpers from now on, I fear!

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last week or so because I've been working on Bristol Fashion Week, which this season was bigger and better than ever, launching with an exclusive show beneath the wings of Concorde. I'll have a blog post round up to come shortly, along with a few outfit posts and a couple of beauty posts; I'm just haven't had the time but now I've got a bit of lieu time off work I'll be able to fit them in.

XO Amie
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