Products I've Used Up #36

I've been meaning to post my August empties for a couple of weeks and just not had the time, because I have a lot of products to talk about! Most of these are skincare and I ended up finishing up a lot of things at the same time, which is always useful for an empties post!

A few facial skincare items to start with, and I am loving cleansers at the moment. I use them after I take my makeup off, before I moisturise or use a mask, to ensure my skin is really clean - I apply them with a konjac sponge or exfoliating sponge which helps soften my skin too. One that I really loved was this Balance Me balm, which was gentle enough to use daily and worked really well, and I also used this Monu facial oil although I didn't like that as much as the cleansing balm. It was great for removing makeup and softening the skin.

I also liked this Gatineau face mask, which I used a couple of times a week - it was super softening and a real treat. I haven't repurchased it because I am currently using a Nuxe one and I also have a couple of Lush masks to use, too. I think one of my favourite products from this whole review, though, is this Botanics Hydration Burst serum which was amazing - I used it under my moisturiser and it made such a difference to the feel of my skin. I am actually on the lookout for another serum as I have now completely finished my backlog of them, so please recommend any you rate!

It seems strange to include a shower gel in a beauty post but I have to say, I really rate The Body Shop's ones. I bought 4 for around £14 I think, and this one is lovely - really refreshing. I also have since finished a Rose one but unfortch the bottle went out with the recycling before the photocall! They last for ages, have a lovely smell and left my skin feeling soft.

Finally, my favourite product from the review (can't decide, whether to choose this or the serum!) is probably this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess body creme. I have had this for a year (!) because I've been using it so sparingly - I love it layered with the Bronze Goddess scent for the summer. I have finally (or sadly) finished it up, because it's quite expensive so I probably wouldn't buy it for myself. It was also super smoothing and smelled (obvs) amazing!

XO Amie

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