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Cardigan River Island // Coat New Look // Trousers H&M // Dress New Look // Boots Betty London

I tend not to post 'wish lists' these days as I tend to buy much less, and be more considered in my purchases that before I started my capsule wardrobe. This means that I have been wearing clothes that I love and enjoy wearing much more frequently, and I definitely think it means that my style has become much more 'me' because I am not so trend led, scattergunning from one look to the next. In this way, I've saved a bit of money and also cut down on the wardrobe clutter that was threatening to take over the house!

As autumn approaches, there's not really many purchases I need to make. I still have a couple of jumpers from last winter, my Topshop Boutique jumpsuits will certainly work for another winter and I pretty much have my boot and coat wardrobe sorted. However, there are a couple of pieces I'd like to pick up this season (what's the use of the new season if not an excuse to buy a few new things!)

The main thing I'd like to get is a pair of faux leather trousers. I had an amazing pair from ASOS last season but made the error of buying my true size, and they then stretched really badly when I wore them which meant they were soon too big. I would have liked to rebuy them but they sold out and since, I've been on the look for another pair. The key for me is that they aren't skintight, I'd like a straight or tapered style really and they are so hard to find. This H&M pair are lovely though!

I'd also like a new dress. I think this tea dress could be a little summery, but I love the cut of it and I think it would work with tights and I think the monochrome colourway is quite timeless. I already have a lovely cardigan that I bought towards the end of last winter, and then hardly wore, but if I didn't, I'd definitely be reaching for this River Island one - I love the cut and the design. Likewise, I hardly need another coat, but an aviator jacket would be a great one to add to the collection!

Finally, whilst I don't need any more new boots, this silver pair by Betty London are almost too good to pass up. I think they would look wicked with denim for day, but they'd also be a really good winter evening shoe to wear with dresses or skinny trousers.

What's on your AW17 wishlist?

XO Amie
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