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Garnier BB Cream // No.7 Instant Radiance // Dusty Girls Earth Cream // Rimmel Stay Matte 

I seem to be focusing on 'favourites' posts when it comes to beauty at the moment, and that's because I have been buying much less and using up what I have - finding a few new favourites in the process! I'm quite guilty of buying a foundation, using it a few times, and deciding I don't like it, banishing it to the back of the bathroom cabinet, but in my effort to use up excess products I've given a few lurkers a second chance - with pleasing results!

This Garnier BB cream is super light and sheer, great for weekends or when you aren't after a lot of coverage. I really liked the scent this had and the creamy texture wasn't sticky or cakey at all. It's a very easy foundation to wear, I just applied with a beauty sponge and it lasted quite well, possibly not the longest lasting product I've tried but pretty good all the same. The colour was an ok match for me, I have quite yellow toned skin and this suited my complexion.

I must have used about half of this No.7 foundation before deciding I didn't like it, and I do remember it didn't usually last the day, but would go a bit flakey. The second time around I've tried using it with a setting powder and this made a big difference. I liked the colour (this was matched for me in store) and it's a very thin, liquid consistency, unlike the BB cream which was much more like a moisturiser. I have actually finished this foundation now which goes to show how much I liked to use it!

This Dusty Girls Earth Cream is another one which has taken me a minute to get on board with. Initially I hated the scent, which was really strong, almost plasticy and you could still smell it when you were wearing the product, which was quite bizarre. Thankfully after a little while in the cupboard, the scent has calmed down and now I love the product (even though I'm not a huge fan of the smell!) It provides flawless coverage which lasts all day and I love this cruelty free, ethical cosmetic brand and look forward to trying more of their products.

Finally, I thought I'd include this Rimmel Stay Matte foundation which I bought on a whim because it was £1 in the sale (typical) and the moral of that story is, don't buy foundations in a rush because this is miles too light for me, and I consider myself to be quite pale skinned. However, it works really well as an undereye concealer, it's a very thick, mousse like product which applies fairly easily and blends out well, so I will be using it as a concealer going forward!

XO Amie
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