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Lush haul: Happy Happy Joy Joy // Oatifix // Ro's Argan // Wash Behind Your Ears // Happy Hippy // Prince Charming

I haven't posted a Lush haul since May and I have built up quite a collection since then! A product that hasn't made the photocall is T'eo solid deodorant bar but I'm saving that for another post, which will be coming soon.

A few new shower gels to my collection this time include Wash Behind Your Ears, which is a delicious floral rose and jasmine shower gel, and Prince Charming which is a thicker shower cream containing pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil. Both of these were seasonal specials - the Wash Behind Your Ears an Easter release and Prince Charming a Valentines Day one. I have only tried the Prince Charming one so far but as I had imagined, it smelled amazing and lathered really beautifully. In the bottle, Wash Behind Your Ears also smells delicious, too, so I am looking forward to trying that out.

Happy Hippy is a citrusy shower gel that I have used before and it's great for an early start - a zesty, fruity gel which is really awakening and fresh. I bought the smaller sized version of this and loved it, so was pleased to try the larger size and I think it will become a bathroom shelf staple.

Happy Happy Joy Joy isn't a product I've tried before but I am always interested in trying out new conditioning products for my mane. I actually found this quite thin in the bottle and although it made my hair smell amazing, it didn't condition as well as my current Shea Moisture conditioner. Reading some reviews over on the Lush website, some customers have explained that they get a better result applying a tiny amount to the ends of dry hair for a moisture and scent boost, so maybe I'll try that.

I finished up my last pot of Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and finally had enough empty pots to take in to Lush to claim a free mask! I chose this Oatifix one which smells like banana porridge and has a similar consistency, too! It feels very luxurious on the skin, and I have only used it twice so far but it's made my skin feel so soft and smooth. 

Finally, a product I have been looking forward to using for the longest time - Ro's Argan body conditioner. Like a hair conditioner, you apply this to the skin in the shower and then rinse it off, and it negates the need to use a moisturiser afterwards. I loved the idea of this but was disappointed with the waxy, greasy finish it left on the skin - I actually prefer to use a tiny amount on the skin like a moisturiser and not wash it off.

What are your Lush must haves?

XO Amie
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